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As these images show, glass balustrading for stairs, balconies and walkways looks fantastic, but when aesthetics are considered with the material’s other qualities, glass balustrading becomes hard to beat:

  • Glass is hard wearing and easy to clean
  • Glass does not block out any light
  • The large panels used in external glass balconies do not obscure views
  • Glass can be cut to any size and shape required

There is no other balcony, stair or walkway balustrade material that offers this unique combination of benefits.

Our toughened glass balustrading is available in 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm thickness, is CNC machined for accuracy, Kite marked, and meets all relevant European legislation.

All you need to do to receive a no obligation quotation for glass balustrading is send your drawing to Alternatively, we can help with your design.