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Gyms, offices, public buildings, hotels, museums, galleries... there isn’t, in our view, a building that would not be enhanced by the inclusion of glass in the interior design scheme.

We can supply a wall of mirrors for a gym or dance studio, frameless glass doors and partitions for offices and galleries, balustrading for staircases and walkways, shelving and display units, tables and glass protection for furniture. And we are not limited to plain glass; glass panels for partitions, doors etc, as well as mirrors, can be sandblasted or painted with a design of your choice, either from our standard range or a bespoke design you supply, and edges can be polished or bevelled.

These images show some of things that are achievable using glass, and you can see more in our Gallery.

But glass does not just have superb aesthetic properties, it’s practical, too. The use of laminated glass reduced the effect of UV fading and can therefore protect furnishings, carpets, paintings etc. Wired or non-wired fire glass, which can be used for internal partitioning, can also offer insulation.

Our experts are on hand and happy to discuss your ideas with you. We can work from your drawings and provide advice on what is possible, and help you to specify the best type and thickness of glass to use to transform your ideas in to reality.

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