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Horticultural glass is used for greenhouses, cold frames, sheds and play houses. 

We supply in bulk to the manufacturers of these garden buildings, or directly to the consumer to replace broken panes or to reglaze a greenhouse.

Greenhouse glass has a number of advantages over a polycarbonate alternative. Glass lets in 100% of the available light, rather than the 80% of light allowed through by polycarbonate. And glass remains crystal clear, year after year, it does not become opaque. Glass is also heavier, which tends to make the greenhouse stronger and increase structural integrity. All these advantages are particularly pertinent in the British climate!

Our horticultural glass is 3mm thick and available in three sizes (457 x 610mm, 610 x 610mm and 730 x 1422mm), or, for an additional charge, we can cut it to size. We supply anything from a single pane to palletized bulk deliveries.

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